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Picking The Perfect Parasol: Which One Will Suit Your Garden?

You’ve made the decision to transform your garden into a scene of luxury with a parasol, but that leaves an even bigger decision on your hands: choosing the type. There are a few different ones available, each with their own set of premium qualities.

Here, we explore the key features to look for, and the parasols that hold them, so you can pick the perfect one for your garden.


Being outside in the British weather isn’t easy for any product, but the properties of parasols certainly make it seem so. They withstand storms with their water repellence. If your garden is exposed to wind, then all the umbrellas are designed to endure it – particularly the Nova, which has a wind rating of up to 80 km/h. It also has a giant canopy, making it especially effective for sheltering from both rain and sun alike.


And when the weather turns up in the summer, the UV resistance of our parasols means they won’t suffer any harm from powerful sunrays.



You can protect the sun from impacting people’s line of sight as well. The Eclipse has two tilt positions for shielding from the low afternoon sun, along with flexible 360° rotation. If you want to completely guarantee it can’t penetrate through, then the Aurora is ideal, offering unlimited tilt positions.

Both these umbrellas are space-saving too as they have no central post or base, making for a much more attractive garden. Or you can select the Café Series, which is compact and has the capability to be stored neatly and vertically.

Ease of use

If you do require a base, then the Aurora and the Café Series parasols will prove ideal – they both have an optional moveable base. Additionally, the Café Series umbrella has a rope and pulley system, making it completely effortless to open and close. Its lightweight aluminium frame allows any adjustments to feel trouble-free.


In fact, all our umbrellas have excellent usability because they’re incredibly simple to install and disassemble. The Nova is available as a permanent or non-permanent installation. Additionally, it has an easy-to-use winding handle and telescopic mechanism.


This parasol is also available in a range of contemporary colours, meaning you can ensure your garden possesses a modern appearance. There are a variety of sizes too, so you don’t have to compromise on this for style.

Our other umbrellas have an array of shades to make your exterior entice any visitors. These include the earthly nature of Eclipse’s Forest Green, and the attractive Smoked Tweed of the Aurora. The latter also comes with a free cover bag which can be colour-matched to complement your parasol.

Picking your parasol


Whichever parasol you choose, it’s certain to add luxury to your garden for years to come. The marine-grade materials they’re built from guarantee that this is a premium purchase to last the test of time.


If you need any help with selecting a suitable umbrella for your garden, Instashade would be happy to help. Call us today on +44 (0) 1925 859960 or send a message to