Paraflex Wall Mounted Parasol

Paraflex Wall Mounted Parasol

Sensible and stylish, our Paraflex wall mounted umbrella is the ideal shade solution for tight spaces.
Simply attach the Paraflex wall mounted sun umbrella to a post, wall or building then use the clever simple click bracket for effortless operation and quick removal. Whether for a small balcony or outdoor patio, the Paraflex ideal to provide shade in sheltered, low wind spaces where a conventional umbrella is simply impractical.As your wall mounted Paraflex sun umbrella can be tilted and freely moved, it can easily be moved and adjusted to provide you with sun shade throughout the day.

  • 270cm Hexagonal Canopy
  • 4.7m2 shade coverage
  • 2m long arm
  • 8kg in weight

We offer a 2 year Frame warranty and a seperate 2 year fabric warranty.

About Our Wall Mounted Parasol

This wall-mounted parasol’s bracket can be attached to either a wall, post of building and then the remaining parts are effortlessly clicked on for easy and quick removal when out of season.

It’s perfect for a small balcony, patio or outside a restaurant/cafe.

It is available in 6 Colours the canopy is sturdy but versatile wall-mounted parasol offers 360 degrees of cover spanning at least 2.7m – usually giving up to 4.7m2 shade cover. This is a European made premium dyed acrylic.

The standard arm extends up to 200cm.

Unrivalled Umbrella Fabric

Our Paraflex Wall Mounted PArasol comes with a premium grade Olefin Fabric which itself has a 2-year warranty against fade and breakdown.

This canopy cuts out up to 97% of UB light (SPf40) is water repellent but still washable. The Non-Standard colours Beige, Slate and smoked Tweed

Paraflex Wall Mounted Umbrella Installation

The mounting bracket comes with a complete wall bracket and folding arm system. This can be affixed to brick, concrete, wooden beams or any other suitable load-bearing structure.

The Umbrella simply clicks onto this bracket to allow for a seamless installation and transition from summer to winter.