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How To Protect Your Elegant Exterior From The Extremes

An outdoor paradise can be easily ruined by the UK’s severe weather. Covering your exterior in plastic sheeting will shield it from the effects of the elements – but it will also lose its elegant appearance for a good portion of the year.

Using a parasol is a great alternative. Not only does it add to the beauty of your outside area in any season, it protects it from extreme weather too. In this blog, we take you through the main ways it’s the ultimate armour.



Whilst a little rain is great news for the greenery in your garden, it becomes a threat to any outdoor objects when it becomes too heavy. Additionally, if you have a patio that isn’t particularly porous and doesn’t allow for good drainage, water overflow poses a real issue.

A large, water-repellent parasol provides ample space for you to cover your exterior from these showers. Any items that don’t fit in the shed, such as a table and chairs, can easily be moved under it. Its resistance to water also keeps leaks through the canopy at bay.



The vastness of parasols also proves beneficial in the gusts that storm season always brings. These can be strong enough to knock any elements of your garden off its feet – sometimes even tall trees can topple over!

A parasol provides a shield from the worst of the wind for outdoor items, and their sturdiness prevents them from collapsing themselves. Products that have flexible 360° rotation can be swivelled to protect from any wind direction. This isn’t just beneficial for the colder months – in the summertime you can use this feature for shade coverage.

Stabilising bars

Whilst a parasol is fantastically wind-resistant, it never hurts to add a little extra protection. A stabilising bar kit provides this, perfectly holding it in place when there’s howling gales and torrential rain.

You’ll have peace of mind that you can take some time away from home, without coming back to a fallen parasol and damaged outdoor area. These are easily attached and detached as well, meaning they can be installed or taken down when necessary with minimal fuss.

Pick a parasol that suits

Parasols will ensure that your exterior is perfectly protected, but an elegant outside area deserves an equally beautiful umbrella. Instashade has a variety of choices – each with full 360° rotation.

There’s the luxury Aurora, which has no central post so you can make the most of your available space. It’s also lightweight and long-lasting due to its marine-grade materials. The premium Eclipse has this feature too, and is heavy-duty so can withstand all weathers.

The Café Series parasol is the simplest to use with its rope and pulley system. Or, for the ultimate defence against gales, the Nova has a wind rating of up to 80 km/h. It’s also fashioned from fully corrosion-resistant materials.

To get more of an insight into which parasol will prove best for your luxury exterior, get in touch with the Instashade team today by calling us on +44 (0) 1925 859960 or sending a message to