Choose an installation option that’s just right for you…

All of our luxury parasols come complete with a spigot, allowing you to connect your umbrella to the base beneath. Our removable and semi-permanent bases are chosen separately.

If you intend to keep your parasol in one place, we recommend the semi-permanent option for the following reasons: –

• Maximum security and stability
• Increased wind resistance
• Umbrella can easily be removed
• Multiple installation options
• No large base
• Our semi-permanent installation options include a base plate, bolted directly down to concrete or decking; and an in-ground base, designed to be concreted in.

Taking installation off your hands
Installing our parasols is simple enough for anyone with DIY experience. However, should you need a little help, Instashade offer a full installation service.

We cover the whole of the UK and can work with local contractors to ensure a precise fit for your parasol.


Instashade offer a full installation service. We bring a moveable base, put the parasol up, test the location and make sure you get what you want from the parasol. Once complete we provide a full demo. Our installation service starts at £395.00 for a single parasol. Contact us if you need a bespoke quote.

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