Instashade Warranty Terms 

Instashade prides itself on the design, workmanship of our outdoor parasols. We offer excellent warranty protection to give our customers confidence and peace of mind.  

Warranty on Parasol Frames and Accessories 

Café Series – 3 years 

Aurora – 2 years 

Eclipse – 3 years 

Nova – 3 years 

Paraflex – 2 year 

Parasol Bases – 1 year 

Warranty on Parasol Fabrics 

Solution dyed Recasens Acrylic – 2 year material, 10 year non-fade (limitations apply) 

Olefin – 2 years material warranty, 5 year non-fade (limitations apply) 

Fully Branded Canopies – 1 year material warranty 

Warranty Terms 

  1. This warranty does not cover damage caused by wind or adverse weather conditions, fair wear and tear, accidents or misuse. 
  2. This warranty is valid only if the parasol is operated and installed as per instructions. 
  3. This is a back to base warranty. In the case of repairs to the parasol being required (regardless of whether the repairs are covered under warranty), the cost of transportation to Instashade is to be paid by the claimant.  
  4. Our freestanding umbrella bases plus umbrella spigots and ground installation fittings use various materials including powder coated steel, galvanised steel and stainless steel, all with different levels of corrosion resistance for different environments. Rust is a natural part of the aging process of all steel based materials and is therefore not considered a defect and is not covered under any Instashade Warranties 
  5. This warranty is the only express warranty given by Instashade. No person has the authority to change or add to these obligations and liabilities without Instashade approval in writing. 
  6. Instashade reserves the right to determine whether or not fault is caused by faulty workmanship, faulty materials or that any part is defective. Where fault is determined, we reserve the right to repair or replace products at our discretion. 
  7. Instashade or its authorised agent may offer advice, but accepts no responsibility as to the ultimate positioning of the umbrella. In the case of installations, the owner is to ascertain position of all underground pipes and electrical wires and notify the installer of any obstacles. Although all care will be taken, no responsibility can be accepted for any damage during installation. 
  8. Any umbrella repair, hardware replacement or fabric replacement supplied under warranty is covered for the time remaining in the original warranty and does not activate a new warranty period. 
  9. This warranty applies to the original purchaser only. 
  10. If parts are supplied, it will be down to the end user to replace said parts 

Acrylic canvas warranty terms 

Our solution dyed acrylic canvas fabrics are guaranteed against: 

  1. Rot or significant loss of strength from normal usage and exposure conditions. It does not apply against any deterioration of any kind due to wind or weather related damage, misuse, burns, negligence, vandalism, perforations or stains due to environmental pollution, and fair wear and tear. 
  2. Loss of colour. Our acrylic canvas fabric is warrantied to remain colour-fast to a rating of 7-8 on a 1-8 scale (meaning minimum fading). Colours with red colour pigmentation (red, orange, yellow etc) have lower colour fastness than other colours, and will show some fading earlier. 
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