Cantilever Parasols

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Expand the possibilities of your outdoor space with cantilever parasols that remove the centre pole from the equation. As one of the UK's Leading suppliers of Cantilever Parasols - we ensure we only use the highest marine-grade anodised aluminium poles and the finest UV & water-resistant parasol Canvas available. Whilst set up to be sturdy, robust and resistant to the elements. Our luxury umbrellas have a contemporary look and feel, offering 360° rotation to keep you sheltered throughout the day. We offer Two Pole based designs and a completely Wall-mounted parasol option. The Aurora and The Eclipse. Both have a discreet side post that elevates the umbrella over the space below, with a variety of stylish colours to choose from. For flexible, lightweight protection, The Aurora is a popular choice, while The Eclipse is a heavy-duty cantilever parasol unit for year-round enjoyment. Free from bulky bases, with multiple installation options, these parasols are the perfect complement to any domestic and commercial space. Browse our cantilever parasol collection to find a size, colour and style that’s just right for your environment.


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Paraflex Wall Mounted Parasol

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