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5 Accessories To Complement Your Parasol

Umbrellas aren’t just for summer. The elegant appearance of your exterior can be extended by pairing a luxury parasol with the right accessories. There are a number of gadgets that will safeguard your parasol bad weather and maximise the value you get from your investment.

Here, we explore five accessories that are certain to come in handy:

Cover bag

Our range of cover bags ensure that whether you choose the Aurora, Nova or the Café Series, your parasol has tailor-made protection. All have a premium appearance and can be matched to the colour of your umbrella, guaranteeing perfect complementation.

They are constructed with UV-resistant and waterproof 900D material, so the elements won’t have an impact. If you suddenly want to pop open your parasol, or do the opposite, then the cover bags are easy to slip on or off with assistance from the long aluminium handles.

Cross base   

Want the ability to move your parasol around the garden? A cross base will help you do this with ease. The Aurora Umbrella, for example, can be placed with concrete pavers, making it simple to position as well as remove.

Having a cross base will mean that your parasol isn’t restricted to one location, not to mention keeping it secure during any instances of severe weather.

In-ground fitting

However, if you have a favourite spot in the garden, or you’re purchasing multiple parasols, an in-ground fitting will keep your parasol firmly in one place. You can position it in grass, concrete, paving or decking with this double-locking mechanism.

The in-ground sleeve has a closing lid, which hides it away when the parasol is removed. This accessory also takes up less space, so you’ll have more room for other luxury items in your exterior alongside the parasol.

Base plate

The 315mm diameter Eclipse or Aurora parasol base plate can be attached to concrete or decking. This allows the parasol and spigot to be completely removed when necessary. There is also a 400m one available for the Nova umbrella.

For the café series, a powder-coated steel base plate brings extra stability to commercial spaces. This is incredibly versatile, and can be pegged or weighted depending on what you prefer.

5. Stabilising bars

While our parasols are built to withstand unpredictable British weather, sometimes severe wind can be hard to combat. To protect your umbrella when gales blow your way, consider purchasing stabilising bars.

They provide an extra level of steadiness. Their discreet appearance ensures that nothing distracts from the beauty of the parasol. They’re also easy to attach or remove, so minimum effort will be required when the forecast takes a turn for the worst.

With so many accessories to help prolong the lifespan of your umbrella, you’ll be reaping the rewards for years to come. To find out more about the accessories available, or discover the perfect parasol for your exterior, get in touch with our team. Call us today on +44 (0) 1925 859960 or send a message to