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Creating A Welcoming Winter Haven

Winter’s poor weather conditions don’t need to result in you spending all your time sheltering indoors. In fact, you can turn your outside space into a luxury sanctuary, so it becomes the ultimate space for any get-togethers over the festive period.

Here, we explore a few ways to easily achieve this welcoming winter haven.

Use seasonal colours

A fitting colour scheme will instantly portray a wintery appearance. Your garden furniture and accessories don’t just have to feature the traditional snowy white either. Opt for a pale, golden shade to add more elegant character, or even go outside the white palette entirely with a poppy-toned red – it will make your home instantly attractive, whilst conveying a Christmassy feel.

This colour is perfectly complemented by the hue of Pantone’s mellow English Rose, and the power of Red Pear. For a twilight glow, select Nebulas Blue. Or for a subtler and sophisticated look, a fusion of Ceylon Yellow with divine shades of Olive will work well.

Introduce winter plants

You can enhance your haven with winter plants. The conventional one that will come to mind is the holly tree. Their glossy dark leaves fit in seamlessly, and, of course, you can hang up a wreath on any outside doors.

There are also winter aconites and pansies which bloom in the colder months. Both add a small hint of colour to a typically dreary garden scene. The pale tones of cherry trees elegantly stun; and helleborus, also known as ‘the Christmas rose’, is fantastic for conveying the ultimate festive feeling, coming in shades of white, green and dark red.

Feature a source of heat

Your winter sanctuary can be further enriched with an open flame. A fire pit is ideal, taking you back to a bygone era as you’ll need to fire it up with wood or coal. They are available in a rustic style to further complement the winter theme.

However, whilst they do so perfectly, they do take a while to warm up. If you don’t fancy waiting, you can instead opt for a patio heater. The glowing effect is still there, but you’ll feel instantly warmer simply by flicking a switch.

Fit a parasol

You’ll need to make sure that your patio heater is protected against water, as the winter months are almost certain to bring showers of rain. You can guarantee that this item, along with any others in your exterior, are covered by installing a parasol.

Instashade’s parasols are water-repellent so that extreme elements won’t be an issue, and they are also made from marine-grade materials, ensuring they will last the test of time. Our umbrellas come in a range of colours too, such as beige, smoked tweed and pistachio, reflecting your winter theme. On top of this, their UV-resistance means they will shield from the sun, providing functionality all year round.

Your winter haven will be perfectly complete with an elegant parasol added to it. To discover one that will enhance your exterior, get in touch with our team by calling us today on +44 (0) 1925 859960 or sending a message to