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Sprucing Up Your Outside Area For 2019

The new year is a great excuse for a fresh start, and improving your exterior’s appearance is a fantastic way to create a revitalised feeling at home.

There are wide-ranging options available to spruce up your outside – here, we explore a few that are certain to transform your space.

Impressive colour scheme

It’s amazing the impact a coat of paint can have. For 2019, why not incorporate a traditional palette with classic shades of grey, black and white? These will help to accentuate any architectural features in your exterior – like a portico, porch or dormer window.

Or perhaps you could opt for a botanical vibe. Your outside can display a colour scheme that combines leafy greens and accented tones such as hot ginger.

Comfortable seating

But it’s not just the fixtures that can embrace an impressive palette – the items within your exterior can too, like garden furniture. Deckchairs may not have a high price tag, but their appearance can impede on the luxurious appeal on your exterior. And they’re not always the most comfortable to sit on!

Instead, opt for pieces that you’ll find truly relaxing when enjoying your garden for long periods of time. You could select a group of matching armchairs, a rattan sofa pod, or even a hanging chair!

Stunning lighting

When lounging in your outdoor space, you’ll want to make sure you can carry through long into the summer evenings. Thoughtful lighting choices not only guarantee you can continue to entertain or unwind, but they can boost the look of your exterior too.

There are a range of illumination options for you to choose from. Recessed ground lights are fantastic if you have a path in your garden. Fairy lights help create a magical feeling, or you could select LED battery-powered candles for a magnificent, flickering glow.

An eye-catching water feature

Lighting is great for putting the spotlight on fabulous ornaments and sculptures, such as a water feature. This item instantly produces a more natural look for your exterior, and may even attract wildlife. If your garden is quite small, then a wall-mounted fountain that streams water into a rock bed is ideal.

For larger exteriors, you could select a classical water feature that has multiple tiers. Or perhaps a figurine would work well in a secluded spot – a fairy statue is a popular choice.

An elegant parasol

Each of our suggestions have the ability to convey luxury, and a parasol is a perfect addition to complement this. With its space-saving design and a variety of stylish colours available, you can pick the one to suit your exterior. Shades like Smoked Tweed and Pistachio will add a premium feel to your outdoor area – and work well with our colour scheme recommendations.

Parasols are water-repellent and UV-resistant, meaning they successfully withstand both the colder and hotter months. They endure tougher weathers too – they are built from marine-grade materials to survive heavy rainfall and storms.

To discover even more advantages of the parasol and the options available to you, get in touch with our team today. Call us on +44 (0) 1925 859960 or send a message to