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Installation 101: Ensuring Your Parasol Stands Tall

The idea of adding an element of luxury to your exterior with a parasol is certainly appealing. But, to get the full value of its wide ranging features, you’ll need to ensure that it is installed safely and correctly.

Here, we go through the options available so you can ensure that your umbrella stands tall and strong in every situation.


Complete portability

If you require the parasol to be moved frequently, then one that has portability is ideal. An umbrella with a removable base and spigot will allow you to simply take it out of the ground and place it elsewhere.

The cross base is a beneficial choice, and has moveable concrete pavers too. However, whilst it does offer you complete freedom of movement, it is not as secure as a semi-permanent installation.



This option offers maximum stability as well as the ability to be easily moved or carried. With increased wind resistance, there is also no large base obstructing the beauty of your parasol.


Semi-permanent parasols use a base plate fixed directly onto the concrete or decking, making it a secure exterior accessory that won’t be knocked over by the wind.

In-ground fitting

To ensure that there is no chance of your umbrella feeling the effects of the elements, opt for an in-ground base. Secured with concrete, it is the most permanent solution available.

For additional protection, you can select stabilising bars. These are attached to your parasol, allowing for peak performance in breezy conditions.

Installing the parasol

If you have DIY experience, then you may find it easy to install the parasol yourself. The step-by-step process is quite simple:

1. Connect the umbrella’s bottom pole to the base. You can affix it with screws, which will need to be tightened using specific spanners.

  1. Place the parasol’s base into position, and then situate the umbrella inside this.
    3. Fasten the nuts between the parasol pole’s two sections.
    4. Release the umbrella’s handle, then pull it up and secure it by locking.
    5. Complete the process by clicking the parasol into position and winding the handle.

    Outsourcing installation

    Whilst installation can be easy enough, it will differ depending on the parasol you choose. There are a variety of different umbrellas available, including the cantilever parasols (the Aurora and Eclipse), and those with a centre post (the Café Series and Nova).

    If you’d prefer, we can safely secure your umbrella for you with our full installation service, wherever you are in the UK. Plus, if you’re struggling to decide on the most suitable parasol for your garden, then we can assist with this decision too.


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