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Making The Most Of Your Outdoors To Draw In Customers

When’s the last time you looked around at the space you have, and thought what could be missing?

As a restaurateur, bar owner, hotelier, or any sort of leisure and service business, you probably have an outdoor environment to bring in more people. Now that it’s spring, making the best use of this space is a priority again.

For greater footfall and longer visits, we have some tips for using your outdoors to its full potential.

Create a suntrap

Extensive redesigns aren’t necessary to invite in the sunshine. By switching up pieces of your outdoor furnishing – as well as anything that could block the sun, such as a statue, awning or high fence – you can reposition seating so that it is fully bathed in light during the day. Make the most of every area too. Bolt-on benches, for example, are a good way to modify a wall, whereas a wicker egg chair could hang from a tree at the centre of sun exposure.

Consider the decking effect 

Wooden decking is an excellent way to add usability and rustic style to your premises. With scatter cushions, more people can sit and lie on decking than a traditional patio. During a late summer or spring evening, it’ll also be physically warm – guests won’t be able to resist a casual stroll before they leave or head indoors. Decking is low maintenance whilst staying durable for most of its lifespan. Prior to installation, you can shape it more easily than concrete or natural stone, so it’s a very flexible base material.

Build focal points

The human eye likes to be drawn to central points. Whether it’s string lights or an artisanal menu board, experiment with focal features on your surfaces. Walls may, for example, house a chalkboard with the day’s delicacies. On the other hand, you might choose a sign with a quote, or a vintage object to reflect your theme. These accessories have the power to intrigue passers-by, and hold their attention when they venture in further.

Set up a parasol collection

Professional parasols are a fantastic way to give guests some cover, if and when they need it. Despite the season, rain can strike at any time. By preparing for any eventuality – UV-resistant parasols for hot days, and strong canvases for bad weather – you keep an outdoor space evergreen. Our Café Series models, for example, snap open and shut with an effortless tug of a rope, whilst the Eclipse parasol tilts to match the sun’s descent in the sky.

Use intelligent branding where possible

Ultimately, no one should leave your garden, patio or decking without remembering who you are. Branding is critical if you are to create a lasting impression. To make yourself stand out, dress the exterior in a few tasteful brand banners, or even local art that’s been commissioned to show something special about your venue. Alternatively, ask for a branded parasol. We are able to craft tailored imagery for each client. Guests will see your name and logo above their heads, forever associating it with an incredible time, and their word-of-mouth recommendation to other potential visitors will follow.

As you can see, it only takes a couple of simple adjustments or additions to make any outdoor environment new, fresh and imaginatively alluring. Parasols are a big part of that – so explore our professional range today and start turning your outside area into an irresistible draw for customers.