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How To Make The Most Of Your Café Barriers

Café barriers are often placed in outdoor areas to keep the breeze at bay, but their capabilities extend much further than this. If they’re custom designed, they can also be used as a promotional tool for your business.

But what type of design will work best for yours? Here, we outline five ideas that are guaranteed to help you make the most of your café barriers.


Enhance your exposure


Plain café barriers don’t tell anyone anything about you, so even if a customer dines at your eatery, they can easily forget your name. Featuring the brand’s logo on them makes it clear to everyone who you are, increasing recognition and even boosting repeat business.

You can also use your slogan and colour palette to drive your message even further. Combined with branding on other items like napkins and parasols, you’ll maximise your impact and create a stylish, professional look for your premises.

Relay contact details


Creating relationships with customers is a key way to increase their loyalty and drive regular visits. If they have a readily available way to get in touch, building this bond will be much easier.

Methods of contact can be shown on the café barriers, such as your business’ phone number, website, email, and social media handles. With their vast available printing space, contact details can be displayed clearly.

Entice with your offering

People come to your business to devour delicious food and drink, and you can tempt them through your doors by displaying photographs of your offering. If customers weren’t hungry before, their taste buds will soon be tantalised when they set eyes on your café barriers.

Make sure the photos you choose are good quality so that they look great when printed in large format. If you’re struggling to decide which pictures to include, take a look at your social media platforms and see which have received the most ‘likes’.

Increase engagement via competitions

The idea of winning something fills anyone with joy – especially when it’s food! People are much more likely to remember your business when there’s the chance to enter a competition, and your barriers are the perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity and tell them all about it.

Interactivity works well – perhaps you could run an eating contest, ‘guess the number’ with food in a jar, a captioning competition on your social media, or one where customers submit photos of their food. The possibilities are endless!

Draw people in by plugging promotions

What better way to advertise any deals you currently have on than by using café barriers? Not only will this lure people into your premises, customers may find it easier to decide what they want upon seeing your attention-grabbing offers.

This should also minimise the amount of time they spend ordering, making the process quicker and giving staff the opportunity to work on other tasks.

With any of these ideas displayed on your barriers, you’re guaranteed to raise the profile of your business.

Instashade provide premium café barriers and printing services that will ensure your outdoor area is both attractive and long-lasting. You can even add elegant parasols to complete the set.

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