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How To Host A Summer Barbeque That Sizzles

Hosting a barbeque in this gorgeous heatwave we’ve all been privy to is something everyone will be doing in the coming weeks, and you’ll want yours to be the one guests remember for all the right reasons.

But how exactly can you make sure that your BBQ is better? It’s easy if you’ve got the correct ingredients – here’s the essentials for guaranteeing a summer barbeque that sizzles…


Quality food

From a beefy burger with all the right dressings to a saucy hot dog in a scrumptious bun, these are BBQ necessities. The food you pick will need to be of a quality standard, particularly the meat. Guests won’t thank you for anything processed, so spend that bit extra to hear them exclaim how tasty they found it, rather than comparing it to the likes of fast food.

It should also be cooked throughout, so if grilling meat isn’t a strength, get some assistance with it rather than risking guests getting food poisoning! There should be a variety of food options – you can get meatier with steak, spice things up with piri piri prawns, and provide vegan and vegetarian dishes like black bean veggie burgers and barbequed tofu. Don’t forget to add sides like salad, as well keep beverages topped up.


Entertainment for kids


Where there’s a BBQ, there’s usually children. And whilst it’s great to get them involved and socialising with other kids, adult conversation is the best thing about attending barbeques. When it’s disturbed by little ones playing up because they’re bored, guests can be tempted to just leave the BBQ and go home. Thankfully this can be avoided by providing entertainment for them.

There’s so many different activities you can offer. Babies and toddlers will be wowed by blowing bubbles and a bucket of Play-Doh, and hula hoops will provide fun for the slightly more adventurous. Very active kids will enjoy summer sports like rounders and croquet, and for the ultimate entertainment, hiring a bouncy castle will ensure uninterrupted conversation all BBQ long.

Sitting in the shade

The sun being out is fantastic, but no one’s a fan of it shining in their eyes or burning their skin. If any guests experience these things and have no means of protecting themselves from it, they may feel unhappy at your barbeque. They’ll want to be sitting in a shaded area, which can be easily achieved with an outdoor parasol.

You should ensure the one you choose provides adequate shielding for guests, with built-in UV protection to stop the rays in their tracks. It’ll need to rotate so that the sun’s movement throughout the day won’t be an issue, as well as be sturdy in case any breeze comes its way. In the event the British weather decides to switch its sun rays for a downpour all of a sudden, then one that’s also water-repellent will come in useful.

Guests will be more than happy with your BBQ if you have these essentials, and a parasol that’s attractive will make it even better. Instashade’s elegant outdoor solutions come in a range of styles to suit the look of your home. And if you need us to, you can get on with your BBQ prep whilst we install the parasol for you.


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