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Creating A Luxury Outdoor Space On A Budget

The idea of having a luxury outdoor space waiting for you every time you return home may feel like an unattainable dream. All the home and gardening magazines are telling you to invest in outdoor swimming pools or barbeque areas, but these aren’t in the budget of the typical homeowner. That doesn’t mean your garden needs to stay uninspiring, however – there’s ample ways you can transform it into an elegant paradise without loosening the purse strings.

 Make your greenery flourish There may be some gorgeous flowers and plants in your garden, but weeds can obstruct the view. Remove any unsightly ones by getting on your hands and knees and doing some weeding. If there’s any dead or overgrown branches on trees, then some pruning may be necessary. This is certain to make the greenery stand out, ready to astonish any visitors you may have.

If your existing plants and flowers are failing to inspire you, buy a few seeds and grow ones of your choice. This will take longer than buying pre-planted pots, but the cost will be significantly lower. For a quick-growing option, vines like hyacinth bean and wisteria are both stunning and speedy. Characterise your garden with colour

A touch of colour can turn a garden from dull to luxurious in almost no time at all. You can paint fences or walls that currently bear their natural look, opting for a colour scheme that’ll make your outdoor space dazzle. You can also illuminate the area with some lighting, making any guests feel they’re in a delightful haven during breezy summer nights.

If you have any greenery in plain pots, you could purchase some more aesthetically pleasing containers to repot them in. For those with incredibly tight budgets, buy some pots to hand-paint with your own elegant designs.

Ensure stunning surfaces The flooring in your outdoor space may be worn down and unattractive. Rather than getting someone in to completely overhaul it, you can cover it up with pea gravel. Alternatively, you can purchase an outdoor rug so that anything unsightly is easily masked. You can also transform your garden to incorporate a stunning patio by investing in some concrete pavers. These will need to be laid on your existing lawn, and require a bit of digging too. It’ll all be worth getting your hands dirty, however, when your outdoor area is the scene of luxury and delight. Don’t loosen the purse strings yet Some of the items you want to purchase may currently be out of budget, but affordable if only you had a bit more time. Many providers will offer interest-free credit, so you can benefit from the products now, without worrying about the costs later down the line. Instashade offer interest-free credit on purchases over £500, for between 3 and 12 months. Take a look at our range of parasols to find the one to instil elegance in your outdoor space. If you have any questions, get in touch with our team by calling us today on 01925 859960 or sending a message to
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