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How To Design A Classic British Tea Party

The good old afternoon tea never really went out of style. In fact, it’s enjoyed a real resurgence in the hospitality sector in recent years.

There’s something very British about being huddled around fine crockery, cups to the brim with piping hot tea, nibbling on sweet biscuits. Many restaurants and hotels have now brought the concept into the modern era by jazzing up their cake stands and freshening up their food spreads.

Top grub is all well and good, but for the best effect, you need to get the surroundings right. Here, we show you what’s needed to create a classic British tea party vibe.

Summer shade

The authentic tea party takes place outside – almost always shaded with an umbrella in case the rain decides to descend.

It’s great to enjoy food and drinks alongside close friends in the great outdoors, but Britain being Britain, there’s always the risk the weather could take a nasty turn when you least expected – even in summer.

That’s why a beautiful parasol is essential, keeping guests covered in all conditions and ensuring every tea party goes off without a hitch. Luxury umbrellas uphold an important sense of prestige too that matches the well-mannered atmosphere.

Floral feel

Classic tea parties are adorned in floral patterns, from the plants and flowers perched neatly atop of the tables, to the print on the fabric and furniture.

If you’re planning on hosting a tea party for your restaurant or hotel, you can create a genuine, traditional look by decorating the tables with big, beautiful flowers and colourful cloths boasting bloomy designs.

Every tea party should have a spring or summery feel to it. Going floral-heavy helps to maintain this effect… even if the clouds above are looming.

Sound and music

 It doesn’t matter how well you manage to nail the aesthetic, it simply won’t feel like a British tea party if the music isn’t right.

The scrumptious scones and finger sandwiches just won’t hit the spot if there’s heavy chart music blaring overhead. For maximum effect, you need to spend time carefully constructing an appropriate playlist and have it lined up ready for when your guests arrive.

Tunes with light piano melodies and soft singing are always good choices, instilling the light atmosphere that’s come to characterise the classic British tea party.

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