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Celebrating The Garden Patio: A Nation’s Favourite

Nothing beats the outdoors. Sitting in the garden with loved ones around you is about as good as life gets, but it’s tough to make these moments last. If the surroundings are uncomfortable, everyone feels obliged to promptly scuttle back inside.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. By constructing the perfect garden patio, you’ll be able to create new outdoor memories for the foreseeable future – whatever the weather…

A dedicated seating area

 Cornering off a particular area for kicking back with cold drinks and hot food can make your patio look the real deal, especially if you make smart choices with your furniture.

Wooden chairs always look great, requiring minimal upkeep and contributing well to instil a laidback or luxury look. Take advantage of brightly coloured pillows and throws to give the space some playful personality, and rest furniture on top of an outdoor rug for added comfort.

Be sure to define the perimeter of the seating area, too. Tall plants and side tables establish privacy without shutting out the rest of the world.

Consider the surrounding area

 Have a good think about where to place your patio before you get started on the building work.

Ideally it should be right on the doorstep for ease of access to the home, but if you need to create a patio a little further away, you can always lay down a pathway with stone slabs. This can make it feel like you’re walking from one world into another.

It’s also worth looking at what already exists in your garden and seeing if you can use these features to your advantage. For example, if your outdoor area is already dotted with greenery, consider trimming plants and trees and/or relocating plant pots so they’re closer to the patio itself.

Ensure maximum comfort

 British weather has a habit of changing three or four times over the course of a single day. There’s just no telling how long we’ll be blessed with heat – which goes a long way to explaining why pub and restaurant gardens fill up so quickly when the sun does come out!

A quality parasol, however, can keep you, your family and your visitors feeling comfortable all year round – regardless of what Mother Nature decides to throw at you. Installing an umbrella offers shade from blazing sunshine and torrential rain, standing firm in strong winds, and keeping everybody protected from the elements to ensure maximum comfort.

You can pick out a luxury parasol for your grand garden patio right here at Instashade, with cantilever and centre post designs available for homes and businesses, alongside numerous accessories.

Get in touch with our team for more information. We’d be delighted to help you design and build a fantastic patio from the ground up.

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