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Exterior Design Tips For Your Garden Or Patio

With the imminence of a new year comes a new outlook on your living space, which extends to your garden or patio area. Homeowners with a keen eye for décor might think about planning ahead for 2017, deciding what strings they’re going to pull for a revitalised outlook.

As exterior design has barged to the forefront of modern living, we thought you might appreciate a nudge in a few, pertinent directions for a renewed setup…

Play with shading

Over the course of the year, you’ve probably observed how the seasons affect your garden. The question of where sunlight hits you during the day affects so much of your outdoor placement, including furniture, dining tables and wall-crawling plant features.

A parasol from our Eclipse range is just what’s required to blanket certain areas from heat and sunlight, tilting to accompany whatever angle the sun is beating down from. We recommend buying one or two for your social spaces – over a run of lounge chairs, for instance – that can be directed exactly where you want cover.

Sparkling outdoor lights

Dark spots in your patio or lawn aren’t the best facilitators for relaxed evenings in the garden. To create an inviting glow, invest in outdoor lights. Many of these are now solar powered, and can adjust to the surrounding daylight.

They look amazing by a pool, pond or water feature. Pathways too can appear incredible when a rank-and-file lighting design gives them some much-needed perspective for your guests.

Privacy matters

Time outdoors should be a chance to relax and enjoy yourself to the full. Prying neighbours are a hindrance to this me-time – a garden must be your sanctuary, not a display cabinet for anyone to gaze at.

Use the winter break as an opportunity to extend your fencing. Bamboo slats will give your borders an exotic impression, while a white frame with beech wood panelling suits ultra-modern tastes.

Flexible social solutions

When friends do come to visit, it’s not always simple to predict how the day will unfold. The weather might have a Jekyll and Hyde sort of mood, split between crawling rain clouds and a heavenly wash of sunlight, with your home right in the middle of it.

It therefore helps to have dependable, tailored assistance for your gatherings to carry on unhindered. Instashade’s Café parasol series is the perfect weapon against random showers and gusts of wind: just unfold in a jiffy, and reap the benefits of a fine, water-resistant canopy, so all of you are protected no matter what.

Before you enter 2017, get an idea of how your enthusiasm for a fresh start will actually look. Outdoor design has ever more prominence in our domestic spaces; the options at your disposal are constantly expanding, reaching greater levels of customisability. Our Instashade home range is one such bedrock for the new order you’ll usher in, so browse our collection to find the perfect parasol for your wish list.

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