BEEM Pendant Light & Heater


The BEEM is a timeless heating & lighting pendant that turns your terrace into a place you don’t want to leave. Made from high quality aluminium, it is suitable for outdoor use.

Discrete far-infrared heating elements that are evenly distributed over the length of the BEEM, create equal warmth for everyone. There are two heat levels to support your needs. The BEEM also provides your outdoor space with plenty of light, with lightpoints distributed over the length of the BEEM.

When it gets too hot, switch on the optional misting. Integrated channels on both sides of the BEEM create a fine mist. A combination of very small orifices and high pressure lets water evaporate in the air before it makes your hair frizz. This helps cool the surrounding air up to 15°C. This can also be controlled via smartphone app.

The BEEM uses less energy than traditional gas heaters. It is 100% electric, meaning it doesn’t emit CO2 and has a low energy consumption. Using highly efficient and durable ceramic heating elements and the best materials, the BEEM collection is virtually maintenance free.


Midnight (Black), Snow (White)


230cm, 290cm, 390cm

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