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Gorgeous Garden Ideas For Couples

Britain is becoming ripe for the outdoors, now that spring’s edging into summer. Although the kids will be scampering to and fro, water guns in hand, we’re betting that you and your partner want some quiet time together, hands linked in a sweltering afternoon…

As ever, an outdoor paradise is made for chats, romance and clinking glasses under the sun, should you design it right. We know this because Instashade has a penchant for helping love birds find their perfect nest.

Cast an eye beyond the conservatory doors, and get in the mix of our gorgeous garden ideas for couples:

An arbour hideaway

A single slice of the outdoors can take many different guises, from one corner of the lawn to the other. Vary your style with a wooden arbour – basically a shelter with a bench for the two of you. It can be pointed, trellised or impeccably modern, depending on your tastes.

Bigger gardens are the best for arbours, as you can set it up a fair distance from more social or child-centric turf, leaving you with the desired privacy. Plant hedging around the sides of the arbour to get a romantic, super-enclosed feel.

Hanging chairs for open-air cuddles

When we’re in the honeymoon period of a relationship, it can seem like we’re floating on a daydream. Make that a literal portion of your ‘us time’ by investing in a hanging wicker chair, complete with waterproof cushions.

Got a sizeable tree? Awesome – hook the chair onto a branch, and enjoy a subtle rocking in one another’s arms. Or buy a lengthy, horizontal wall fixture to splinter off from the main house. You can even find framed, freestanding models in a delightful egg shape, ready to be moved around the garden.

Picnicking with style

There’s something very special about a picnic with your partner. Contemporary picnic blankets are a beautiful base for nibbles in the sun, rolling out an ocean of patterns and cool textures. Get one that’s worthy of your living room, but made for outdoor fun.

Then, if the night’s calm enough, circle the blanket with outdoor lights. If you do this in the day, they’ll charge up with solar energy, ready to illuminate your intimate moments under the stars.

Casting shade on the heat between you

If there’s one thing missing from these suggestions, it’s a large, flexible circle of shade! When the sun reaches its peak in the sky, take a break from pottering around the garden and return to a pair of sun chairs, arranged happily under an Instashade parasol.

Our canopies for the home include the Eclipse model, the ideal fit for your loungers or shared hanging basket. For a grander romantic gesture – like, say, a heavenly garden meal – we have the Nova and Aurora ranges to place over your table, keeping the food cool and fresh.

You love each other, and you adore your garden: why not fuse those passions into one? Call us for more parasol guidance, and set the scene for romance in your outdoor space this summer.

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