Warrington Market (The Cookhouse)

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Very close to home we help the local council modernise a public space...

Located in the centre of our hometown of Warrington, The Cookhouse has undergone a huge facelift with a vast number of restaurants and cafés now situated inside the market.

The council wanted to create an alfresco dining area large enough to seat as many customers as possible and to maximise the use of this new modernised space in the heart of the city centre.

The new Market was the first of several transformative changes in the town, with the aim of uplifting its hospitality and nightlife industries.

We were delighted to be asked to be a part of the project and eager to source a product that would modernise and revitalise this large space.

Originally, we installed six of our 3m Nova parasols and the council were so delighted with it that they later ordered an additional six Nova parasols alongside fully branded Café Screens.

The parasols are perfect for covering the large outdoor area whilst also in-keeping with a clean modern aesthetic. In addition, the Cafe screens are a robust yet stylish way to partition any outdoor space. We are so proud of an integral part our products played in achieving the result.

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