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  • 4m Octagonal Cantilever Pool Parasol

    Get Together For A Garden Party To Remember

    Summer is not over yet. There are still plenty of warm days ahead that are perfect for creating memories by hosting your very own garden party.   Have a drink and relax, catch up with friends and chat into the early hours… To create an unforgettable summer garden party, you’ll need great company – and …

  • 4m Cantilever commercial parasol

    5 Accessories To Complement Your Parasol

    Umbrellas aren’t just for summer. The elegant appearance of your exterior can be extended by pairing a luxury parasol with the right accessories. There are a number of gadgets that will safeguard your parasol bad weather and maximise the value you get from your investment. Here, we explore five accessories that are certain to come …

  • Creating A Welcoming Winter Haven

    Winter’s poor weather conditions don’t need to result in you spending all your time sheltering indoors. In fact, you can turn your outside space into a luxury sanctuary, so it becomes the ultimate space for any get-togethers over the festive period. Here, we explore a few ways to easily achieve this welcoming winter haven. Use …

  • Giant Outdoor commercial Nova Parasol

    How To Protect Your Elegant Exterior From The Extremes

    An outdoor paradise can be easily ruined by the UK’s severe weather. Covering your exterior in plastic sheeting will shield it from the effects of the elements – but it will also lose its elegant appearance for a good portion of the year. Using a parasol is a great alternative. Not only does it add …

  • How To Make The Most Of Your Café Barriers

    Café barriers are often placed in outdoor areas to keep the breeze at bay, but their capabilities extend much further than this. If they’re custom designed, they can also be used as a promotional tool for your business. But what type of design will work best for yours? Here, we outline five ideas that are …

  • Safety Measures To Keep In Mind When You Purchase A Garden Parasol

    ‘Safety first’ is a saying that’s become synonymous with buckling up on the road. Nonetheless, it’s a mantra that ought to be at the forefront of your mind when you go shopping for a parasol – not just a car seat. The role of a parasol has more dimensions than a pretty face on your …

  • Why Every Restaurant Should Use Its Rooftop Terrace

    “Look, right there – a shooting star!” This is the reaction your diners might dream of, seated happily above the city crowds on a date or surrounded by family. Food and romance are natural bedfellows, and a rooftop terrace is the ideal spot for sighing at a great view, our senses evangelised by a meal …

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