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  • Aurora Cantilever Parasol

    Installation 101: Ensuring Your Parasol Stands Tall

    The idea of adding an element of luxury to your exterior with a parasol is certainly appealing. But, to get the full value of its wide ranging features, you’ll need to ensure that it is installed safely and correctly. Here, we go through the options available so you can ensure that your umbrella stands tall …

  • Giant Outdoor commercial Nova Parasol

    How To Protect Your Elegant Exterior From The Extremes

    An outdoor paradise can be easily ruined by the UK’s severe weather. Covering your exterior in plastic sheeting will shield it from the effects of the elements – but it will also lose its elegant appearance for a good portion of the year. Using a parasol is a great alternative. Not only does it add …

  • Keeping Your Parasol Safe: The Essential Dos And Don’ts

    Parasols are certain to add a touch of elegance to any outdoor area – but their high quality doesn’t exclude them from damage caused by potential hazards. This harm can affect not just your parasol, but possibly other exterior objects and areas too. Therefore, it’s imperative to minimise these risks. Thankfully, we’re going to walk …

  • 3 Installation Options For Your Luxury Parasol

    We love sharing our tips and ideas on how to lift your exterior space into another, stylish stratosphere. However, choosing your Instashade parasol is only part of the launch to a new look. The rest comes with physically installing the parasol in your backyard, patio or commercial hub. As with our canopy range in general, …

  • Putting A Spring In The Step Of Your Premises

    The frost has run off our streets, leaves are unfurling on our trees again… Yes, spring is here at last, and we couldn’t be happier about it! The Instashade team loves being in the open air; it’s time to embrace the great outdoors once more. Likewise, you’ll probably be thinking of how to dress a …

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