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  • 4m Octagonal Cantilever Pool Parasol

    Get Together For A Garden Party To Remember

    Summer is not over yet. There are still plenty of warm days ahead that are perfect for creating memories by hosting your very own garden party.   Have a drink and relax, catch up with friends and chat into the early hours… To create an unforgettable summer garden party, you’ll need great company – and …

  • commercial cantilever parasol

    4 Ways To Add Value To Your Exterior

    You can’t judge a book by its cover, or can you?   When selling your home, you want to show potential buyers what they would be missing out on if they don’t buy your property. By creating a luxurious outside area, you’ll be able to clearly show them the social life that they could have, …

  • Colour Your Garden Beautiful: Outside Summer Schemes

    Summer is finally here, along with the sun! The winter blues are now a distant memory – this is the time you should head outdoors, put your feet up and relax, and make the most of the warmer weather. With the abundance of colour summertime brings, wouldn’t you want your garden to match? A splash …

  • Cantilever Commercial Parasol 4m

    Sprucing Up Your Outside Area For 2019

    The new year is a great excuse for a fresh start, and improving your exterior’s appearance is a fantastic way to create a revitalised feeling at home. There are wide-ranging options available to spruce up your outside – here, we explore a few that are certain to transform your space. Impressive colour scheme It’s amazing …

  • Giant Outdoor commercial Nova Parasol

    How To Protect Your Elegant Exterior From The Extremes

    An outdoor paradise can be easily ruined by the UK’s severe weather. Covering your exterior in plastic sheeting will shield it from the effects of the elements – but it will also lose its elegant appearance for a good portion of the year. Using a parasol is a great alternative. Not only does it add …

  • How To Host A Summer Barbeque That Sizzles

    Hosting a barbeque in this gorgeous heatwave we’ve all been privy to is something everyone will be doing in the coming weeks, and you’ll want yours to be the one guests remember for all the right reasons. But how exactly can you make sure that your BBQ is better? It’s easy if you’ve got the …

  • Creating A Luxury Outdoor Space On A Budget

    The idea of having a luxury outdoor space waiting for you every time you return home may feel like an unattainable dream. All the home and gardening magazines are telling you to invest in outdoor swimming pools or barbeque areas, but these aren’t in the budget of the typical homeowner. That doesn’t mean your garden …

  • Keeping Your Parasol Safe: The Essential Dos And Don’ts

    Parasols are certain to add a touch of elegance to any outdoor area – but their high quality doesn’t exclude them from damage caused by potential hazards. This harm can affect not just your parasol, but possibly other exterior objects and areas too. Therefore, it’s imperative to minimise these risks. Thankfully, we’re going to walk …

  • Celebrating The Garden Patio: A Nation’s Favourite

    Nothing beats the outdoors. Sitting in the garden with loved ones around you is about as good as life gets, but it’s tough to make these moments last. If the surroundings are uncomfortable, everyone feels obliged to promptly scuttle back inside. It doesn’t have to be this way, though. By constructing the perfect garden patio, …

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