LED Lighting

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Illuminate your outdoor space!

Keep the good times flowing well into the night with our cordless, long-lasting LED strip lights. Our rechargeable LED lights require no power; once fully charged, they last up to 8 hours, or 16 hours on energy-saving mode!


Perfect for customers who don’t have access to power, or businesses looking to save on electricity, each light comes with a USB/mains plug charger. Simply attach to your parasol with the clips provided, or the magnet at the end of the light.

Easy to use, with a built-in battery level display, these strip lights have three modes: 100% lighting, 50% energy-saving mode, and flash alarm with red cover. Made from alloy and engineered plastic, it’s a durable lighting solution with a battery life of up to two years.

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  • Simple one button function
  • Battery lasts up to 8 hours on full power and up to 16 hours on half power
  • Built in battery power level display
  • 2 year battery life
  • Will not produce ultraviolet or infrared light that is harmful to eyes
  • Meets ROHS environment standards
  • Energy saving product
  • Alloy case and engineered plastic which are durable and safe
  • 3 operational modes – 1) 100% lighting (2) 50% energy saving mode (3) Flash alarm with red cover
  • Built in auto turn on emergency lighting. When the unit is recharging the light automatically turns on if the power is turned off.
  • Strong magnet built in to one end of the LED light, allowing hanging from metal objects


Single Light – £44.00

Set of 4 – £156.00 (£39 per light)

Set of 6 – £222.00 (£37 per light)

Purchase a set of four or six lights and you’ll receive a complementary LED light bag.

LED Event Light Bag

Conveniently store up to four LED strip lights in our premium carry bag. This 600D nylon padded case includes Velcro straps to secure the lights in place, along with mesh pockets for chargers and clips.

Just £26, or free when purchased with a lighting set.